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The Caribbean is a region of North America that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.

When to go:

The weather in the Caribbean is generally best – namely driest, with low humidity and pleasantly cool nights – December through to April. Summer and autumn are stickier, a few degrees warmer and wetter: showers and short, heavy downpours are common, prolonged spells of constant rain less so.




British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic
Dutch Caribbean

French Caribbean
Puerto Rico
St Kitts
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos
US Virgin Islands


The Galapagos Islands are a bucket list destination for sure! On these magnificent islands there is a lack of natural predators. This has led to friendly wildlife such as gigantic sea tortoises and playful sea lions for an up close and personal experience. There are many smaller islets dispersed into this archipelago of 19 islands. Located just 620 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific is what is considered a world heritage site. Actually, there are two, (both land and sea) are protected. Each island boasts its own exclusive landscape. One can see white sand beaches melting into the most azure waters or barren black volcanic rock (bird watchers dream).



The homeland of Yeats, Joyce, and Wilde, it is easy to understand why Ireland is also known as the land of Saints and Scholars. Travel to Ireland to experience its stunning natural beauty, the warmth of its people and its rich history of cultural and tradition. Be prepared to be welcomed by its people every day.


Things not to be missed:

  • Dublin – The capital city is the country's political and cultural epicenter. sport

  • Ring of Kerry – some of the country's most picturesque scenery in Killarney National Park 

  • Giant's Causeway – over 40,000 basalt columns make Ireland's northeast coastline unlike any other.

  • Connemara – the Ireland of postcards with thatched cottages on winding rows flanked with low stone walls. 

  • Newgrange – watch the winter solstice enter the inner chamber of this 5000-year-old passage tomb.

  • Sporting events – between Gaelic football, hurling, and horse racing Ireland has a rich tradition of


When to go:

With a temperate maritime climate, Ireland enjoys mild weather throughout the year out without huge swings in temperature. Winter temperatures tend to hover in the 40s and 50s, while summers rarely reach above 75. The best time to visit Ireland is from April until September. No matter when you travel, bring an umbrella and a sweatshirt. Sometimes you'll experience all four seasons in one day.



Plunged into darkness for six months of the year, Antarctica is the most unexplored out of this world destination on the planet. This is an expedition! Watch as giant albatross launch themselves off cliffs, baby seals flop across the ice while penguins waddle and dive. Nov-Mar is not only the best time for an expedition here, it is the only time its possible due to the ice breaking up for warmer weather. The landscape reveals itself to be abuzz with penguins, seals, whales and the fluctuations of light and freshly carved ice. A once in a lifetime experience!