Get More Bang For Your Buck With These Travel Tips

Unfortunately for most of us, because we can’t do it like the Kardashians, we have to keep our vacations within a budget. It takes planning and thought to plan a vacation that is going to give you the experience that you want and stay within the budget. Here are 7 great money-saving tips to make sure that you get the experience that you want.

  1. New Hotels- There are new hotels popping up all over the world all the time. These new hotels are looking to get people in their rooms and get reviews written about their stay. This need results in these hotels sponsoring great deals for their guests. Try to book your stay at a new hotel because you may be surprised at the awesome deals that you will get.

  2. Less “Trendy” Locations- Places, like Cuba and Madagascar, are trying to draw attention to their island and all of the beautiful things they have to offer. These areas that are trying to create a new reputation for themselves as a vacation destination will have great deals on things like airfare and excursions in the area.

  3. Local Tourism Office- This is a place that can hold a host of great information. They are going to know everything that is going on in the area. They will have information about all the things that any tourist is going to want to do and see.

  4. Know What Is Important To You- Before you book a stay at a particular resort or hotel, know what you want out of it. You don’t want to pay for different amenities that you are not going to take advantage of. Make sure to do your research and book your stay at a hotel or resort that is going to offer you what you want and nothing more.

  5. Plan Your Happy Hour- As much fun as happy hour is, do it right. If you are staying in a cheaper hotel, plan a day at one of the ritzy hotel bars for happy hour. You don’t have to pay the crazy prices to stay there and you get to know how the other half lives for an evening. Then the next day, and for the rest of the trip, you can hit the local bar for a great time and a lot less money.

  6. Eat Where The Locals Do- As much as you may want to eat in the hotel restaurant every night, eating where the locals eat is a great way to save money. The local eateries are going to be great local fare for a great price. It is also an awesome way to immerse yourself into the area and the people.

  7. Timing Is Everything- Travelling at off-peak times is a great way to save money. Whether it is off-season or off-business season, there are a lot of savings that can be had during these times. Hotel rates, excursion costs, and airfare are cheaper during these times. Do the research to see when these times are in the area in which you are looking to vacation. It can be a lot of money in savings. This money can upgrade a trip from a regular vacation or a VIP-like trip because of the time of year that you chose to travel.

Stress is one thing that you don’t want when you are going on vacation. You should take the time to make sure that you are saving all the money that you can so that your trip is great and as cheap as possible. Spend the time now and save the money later.

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