Plan the Perfect Trip to Enjoy Europe’s Christmas Markets

There’s certainly no place better for Old World holiday celebrations than Europe. Visiting Europe around the holidays is a wonderful idea for any person or family looking to escape their typical traditions and find different ways to relish in the Christmas season. With many of the nation’s city streets lit up and festively decorated, and holiday marketplaces around every corner, you’ll feel as though you’re in one Norman Rockwell’s famous Christmas illustrations. So, let us help you plan your next perfect holiday vacation to Europe.

How to Get the Most out of Christmas in Europe

  • Travel to several cities and towns within Europe. All regions of Europe celebrate the holiday season differently. All of them also have quite different marketplaces where most of the merchandise can only be found specifically and uniquely at that market. Make sure you visit several places known for their holiday entertainment, markets and cheer before you head back home.

  • All the holiday markets have varied starting and ending dates so try to schedule accordingly as to make as many of them as you can. You’ll find that most of them are held between late November until the end of December. However, you can schedule your trip around Thanksgiving to hit up the holiday markets in the slow season even if not all of them are running yet.

  • Weekdays are the best times to go to the market considering must Europeans are busy working. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the markets before they’re too saturated. Mornings are the greatest time to hit up the markets but all the live entertainment is set up for afternoons and evenings.

  • Renting a car is too much of a hassle. Instead of trying to drive from marketplace to marketplace, take a train or a river cruise which are much more lenient of your time and money.

Since the markets are full of delicious foods and treats, don’t bother making reservations at a restaurant. There’s almost no doubt in our minds that you’ll be full by the time you leave the market. The foods you’ll discover as you walk around are likely not offered at any of the local restaurants.

If a trip to experience the holiday markets in Europe is something you’ve been dreaming of for you and your family, start working with an experienced travel agent. A travel agent will happily plan out the perfect European holiday itinerary for you and your family.

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