Stop Pondering a Trip Over The Pond and Jump Right in

Everything you need and want to know about vacationing in London

Are you considering packing up and taking a trip to London? If so, you may be wondering what sites to see. Have no fear, I have laid out my top 5 London attractions below that will be sure to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Eye see all of London

Probably one of the most famous London landmarks today is the London Eye. The Eye is famous for its circular (eye) shape and brings loads of tourists to its center every year. While frequently busy, the London eye is a must see spectacle. The London Eye is Europe tallest ferris wheel and once at the top you can see views of the South Bank of the River Thames. It is truly a sight your eyes won't forget!

Crepes, Cookies and Cupcakes in Chelsea

Chelsea is home to all things beautiful from flower gardens to elegant townhomes, but one thing that makes Chelsea so spectacle is the sweet treats. Now, London is famous for tea time tasties but you haven't truly experienced decadence until you've strolled into a Chelsea bakery. My personal favorite is Peggy Porschen Cakes, be sure to try a slice of daisy cake and you cant forget a cup of tea! They even serve their tea in pink sets, what more could you want?

No Shoreditch of fun

Shoreditch is an up and coming neighborhood filled with colorful art museums, sculptures, street art and so much more! Shoreditch is home to plenty of fun attractions including multiple street fairs and farmers markets held weekly, but my absolute favorite Shoreditch destination would have to be Brick Lane. Brick Lane is home to what seems like hundreds of delicious Indian restaurants, if you have an appetite for spice, Brick Lane is your must see spot.

No Mushrooms Here

Situated in Notting Hill is the ever so quintessential Portobello Road. What makes this road a must see spot is it’s outrageous market held every weekend. This isn't any old market either. The Portobello Road market is the world's largest antique market! There's no telling what you might find at this market from apparel to fine china, this market has it all.

Pubs the Word

Now, you can’t go to London without stepping into at least one London pub. London traditional pubs are situated all over the city but my absolute favorite would have to be Dirty Dicks in Spitalfields London. Dirty Dicks is a 3 floor pub and is named after an 18th century warehouse. The pub is all wood paneled and gives you the quaint London feel. I highly recommend trying the bangers and mash or the pork pie.

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