Tips for Planning Your Next River Cruise

Planning for a river cruise is an exciting time in anyone travelers life. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options including everything from destinations to amenities, and since river cruising just continues to grow in popularity, the options continue to grow too. So to help you find that perfect river cruise for your next trip over water, we’d like to provide you with some professional advice and guidance on how to choose and plan your river cruise by paying attention to everything from its size to its challenges.


Depending on where you go to jump onboard your river cruise, you may notice that there are several different cruise lines to consider. You will find that the size of river cruise ships vary a lot more than those found on the ocean. Matter of fact, you can expect to find river cruises that accommodate as little as 10 to 60 people (as found in Asia) or as many as a few hundred passengers. It all depends on the nations’ restrictions due to shallow water, low bridges and other obstacles.


River cruises tend to run for shorter periods of time than ocean cruises. Nevertheless, you can expect to stop at up to 4 ports a day on some of the river tours. Make sure you check out the different itineraries held by the cruise ships you have interest in. River cruises are more culturally enhanced than most cruises and you can expect to partake in a lot more educationally broadening experiences by stopping at assorted ports along the river.


Not all river cruises are all-inclusive but many of them will provide their guests with each meal and sometimes cocktails and refreshments during certain hours too. Of course, you don’t always have to take advantage of the cruise ship’s menu since it is likely to remain fairly bland due to the smaller sized kitchens and dining halls.

Dress Code

Unlike luxury ocean cruises, river cruise tours are much more relaxed. The dress code for most river cruises is casual unless you’re going to a captain’s reception or gala. Make sure you pack for the weather instead of focusing on packing clothes created for extravagant occasions.


The entertainment on river cruises isn’t as prosperous as that of ocean cruises since the main attraction is the sightseeing and stops made at ports. River cruising is a more relaxing, personal experience that makes it easier to bond with loved ones or even make new friends.


The cabins found on river cruise ships aren’t necessarily as large as those featured on the ocean cruise lines but they definitely don’t lack in comfort. The more popular river cruising becomes, the more effort goes into the design and creation of the ships’ cabins. Therefore, many of the river cruises you take nowadays feature cabins quite similar to that of the ocean vessels. Budget friendly tip- lower deck cabins tend to be cheaper than those on the upper deck.


River cruises are much smoother than ocean cruises. The river water is not nearly as rough as that of the ocean and therefore, sea sickness is rarely a concern.


Although the advantages are bountiful, there are some challenges that river cruises present. For instance, they’re not all wheelchair friendly and can make it difficult for those without full mobility. Another challenge often presented is the amount of rainfall that’s occurred in recent days before the tour. Too little or too much rainfall can cause for unfavorable river conditions. Always check with the river cruise line before heading to get onboard.


Since river cruising is such a unique travel experience, it is impossible to compare cruise lines very easily especially with very little experience or knowledge. It is in your absolute best interest to work with an experienced travel expert who can match your needs, budget and desires with the right cruise line for you!

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