What the client asked for:

Rhonda and Frankie were looking for a quick getaway on short notice. 


This is what I booked for them

After listening carefully to the details of what they wanted for a trip. This is what I came up with for them. They had never been to Alaska, I found them a 10 day Alaska cruise out of San Francisco with flight and transfers. 


Here is what they had to say:

“We didn’t really know where we wanted to go or do.  Just that we wanted to get away. Amy planned everything for us right down to the last detail and within our budget. She made it so easy and we didn’t have to worry at all. Amy even told us about a great little restaurant in Ketchican and a hidey hole of her own where we might have the best chance to see bears. It was a marvelous vacation! 


Amy is so detailed in her planning we are currently working with her on a Hawaii cruise because we know that means no worries for us”



What the client asked for:

Kimerie was looking for a Caribbean cruise

This is what I booked for them:

I ended up not actually booking anything for her, couldn’t quite get the timing right for dates. But made a friend from across the US who was so enjoyable and pleasant.

Here is what she had to say:

“The agent ( Amy) that I spoke with was very professional and extremely informative. I would recommend this agency to anyone seeking travel. Amy is so sweet, funny and really listens to what you want out of a trip.”



What the client asked for:

Sue and Winston were looking for a vacation by train to see Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Grand Canyon



This is what I booked for them:
After working up a complete personal profile that included their activity level and preferences, I booked them on an Amtrack Vacation with a bedroom for sleeping accommodations. They then decided they wanted to rent a car from the Grand Canyon and travel to Zion and other sights for a few days. I booked them a rental car and hotels separate from their Amtrack Vacations trip and then got them on a return train home out of Denver to Iowa


Here is what they had to say:

“Amy is so wonderful and easy to work with, a meticulous planner too. We happen to know that her mom passed away during the planning of our trip. However, every detail was covered in spite of her loss. Our trip went as planned with no issues. It was well thought out and flowed exactly as promised. We will book with Amy again! Her customer service is beyond compare. She doesn’t treat you as a dollar sign, she treats you as a friend”